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Via Verde del Hierro

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The Vía Verde del Hierro, 11.8 km long, is a section of the Vía Verde del Almanzora. In this railroad station we can observe the remains of the old iron ore loaders. It was precisely the installation of the railroad that solved the problem of transporting ore from the mining town of Las Menas to Serón, installing several aerial cables, with buckets (buckets or wagons) similar to a cable car, which moved the ore from the cotos to the existing loading bays on this section of the railway; loading bays of El Tesorero, La Estación and Los Canos, and from here it was transported to the Hornilllo loading bay, in the Port of Aguilas (Murcia). This activity began in 1899 until the mines were closed in 1968.

Today the railroad track has been converted into a path that runs mostly parallel to the Almanzora River, between areas with lots of vegetation, very fertile places of great scenic and environmental value.
Its old buildings have been rehabilitated for the installation of complementary services, such as a restaurant and exhibition hall.
Due to the importance of astronomical tourism in recent years, a Planetarium and an Astrophysical Observatory has been built with a robotic dome and telescopes. In this space it is possible to observe the moon, planets, stars and constellations at night, to observe sunspots during the day or to carry out solar workshops, as an alternative for recreation and leisure.
Nowadays, the observation of the night sky is one of the main attractions of our municipality.

The quality of the environment, without light pollution, makes Serón a perfect place for astronomy and one of the places in the world where you can see very clearly the Milky Way.
The planetarium is a 3D simulator that allows you to explore the universe in a didactic and comfortable way, as well as to watch spectacular movies on a 180o circular screen. The Planetarium and Astrophysical Observatory together make the municipality of Serón the first in Almería and one of the few in Andalusia to have these features and experiences.
Serón has a Starlight lodging, La Posada del Candil, which has an environment with excellent qualities for the contemplation of the starry skies.

And here we say goodbye hoping you have enjoyed this tour of some of the most emblematic points of the municipality and inviting you to enjoy the gastronomy of Serón, its festivals and especially the Ham Fair held every year the first weekend of July. See you soon!

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