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Seron History Center

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We are located in the Center of History of Serón, Juan Torreblanca Martínez Raices Milenarias. It is a building consisting of three floors, with a permanent exhibition hall and a temporary exhibition hall. Here we discover the history of Serón, where we can understand the personality of a town and its evolution over the years, knowing its culture, traditions, architecture, industrial and landscape heritage.

On the ground floor are the following panels: Physical Framework, which describes the climate, flora and fauna; prehistory, where the highlight is the figure of the idol of Serón with more than 5. 000 years old, symbol of the History Centre; Serón Andalusí, which describes the Muslim period in the municipality; the Mudejars, with the episode of the Bride of Serón; the Moorish rebellion and expulsion, with the capture of Serón by Juan de Austria; the new Christian order, with the repopulation of the territory, the church and the brotherhoods; technology and resources, with the ironworks, the light factory or the wool factory and concludes with the panel of progress and industrial innovation where mining is the protagonist of the recent history of our town, the iron exploitations in the area of Serón-Bacares have left a clearly visible trace, through the remains of industrial archaeology that we can observe in the village of Las Menas, the Cabarga-San Miguel or in the ore unloading sites.

The second floor shows the spaces that reflect the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, with special attention to popular culture, the agri-food industry, the exploitation of wind energy or the efforts to turn the town into a tourist town.

Next, we delve into the religious tradition of Serón, focusing on the Ermita de los Remedios.

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