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History and Origins of Serón

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In this audio guide, we invite you to discover the fascinating town of Serón, full of history and tradition.

We begin the tour in the Plaza Nueva, where the Town Hall is located and where we can appreciate the pyramidal structure of narrow winding streets that lead us to the highest part, crowned by its Nasrid castle.

Serón is a town of Muslim origin, founded in the 13th century as a defensive fortress. It was the western gate of the Kingdom of Granada and played a key role during the Moorish wars of the sixteenth century.

Its corners invite you to get lost in its narrow streets, its steep slopes, denoting its historical origin. It has trails of incomparable beauty in its natural space, which adds a variety of native fauna and flora, undoubtedly an authentic village with its own flavor.

It preserves almost all of the industrial archaeology of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries concentrated in the mining town of Las Menas, in the railroad station, in the old railroad dependencies and in the loading dock of Los Canos, as Serón had important iron ore deposits, which provided economic development until the mid- twentieth century.

The gastronomy, achieves through its traditional and artisanal elaborations, products of excellent quality. The altitude of 822 meters and the dry climate, makes this town the ideal place for the curing of ham and sausages, without forgetting other products such as goat cheese, oil or wine.

We will get to know the main points of interest of the municipality and in the next stop we will focus on the Church of the Annunciation, an enclave with its own significance. We are waiting for you.

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