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Hermitage of Los Remedios

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The hermitage of Los Remedios was built in the 19th century in neoclassical style, with a very sober exterior and an interior of great simplicity and beauty. The temple has a rectangular floor plan and a single nave. In the main chapel is the image of the patron saint, the Virgen de los Remedios, covered with a dome beautifully decorated with the dove of the Holy Spirit and angels, painted by the Almeria artist Miralles.

We take advantage of this stop to talk about another hermitage of equal importance, the hermitage of the Virgen de la Cabeza, located on the top of the mountain in the neighborhood of El Reconco. It celebrates the last weekend of April a Marian pilgrimage that it shares with San Marcos. It is a popular festival, whose origin dates back to the seventeenth century, where the veneration of the image of the Virgen de la Cabeza was celebrated with a pilgrimage to her hermitage. The festival begins on Saturday with the departure of San Marcos from his hermitage, in pilgrimage, to the hermitage of the Virgen de la Cabeza, the attendees go on a float and dressed in traditional costumes, collected the image, both go to the esplanade of the hermitage of San Marcos where an outdoor mass is held and then the dance. On Sunday the virgin is taken to her hermitage and the attendees enjoy a meal at the river, where they eat the hornazo (oil bun covered with an egg in the center).

Then, we invite you to join us to our last stop, the old railroad station of Serón where the Planetarium, the Astrophysical Observatory of Serón and the Vía Verde del Hierro are located.

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